Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chicken or egg?

When one debates their choices for footwear, all the designers, who could pepper the closet with delicious candy, are silently judged. True shoe aficionados will look for copy jobs, for the silent touches that show up in a new color or material but reek of classic timeless pieces.

The highest form of flattery is imitation, yes?

One such judgement presents itself in the cage boot. YSL exploded all over the 'zines with the caged ankle boot worn by the whose who of models. A beauty that I salivate for - really.

A more subtle force is the caged boot by Manolo Blahnik. Not as futuristic, more Upper West than West Village, it proves to be melted butter for the feet. While this gem has not had the air time YSL's diamond has, it is something to mine for.

Now, the question is - which came first? Which is the rip? Could it be that my dear Manolo felt the competitive pinch and decided to imitate?

There is another saying, “Flattery is telling the other person precisely what he thinks about himself."

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