Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shoes that (Bu)rak!

Yes, yes... I have been gone quite some time. You have a baby and tell me how much time you have for parading around in heels. Now, on to business while I have a moment that doesn't include a nappy or a bottle.

Some of you know my devout affection for the leader of the free world. Well, there is a new love on the horizon and his name is Burak Uyan. He is a German-born shoe designer groomed in the house of Givenchy. Apparently he is on his second collection and after viewing the beauties in the fall collection, they ARE the change we can believe in.

It never hurts to replace your old love with a new one of the same name. Less messy that way - isn't that why boyfriends always call you "Baby?"

Speaking of babies, mine just spit up on my Manolos...gotta go!