Thursday, December 24, 2009

Terminatrix Salivation

Much like John Connors hiding from the the T-800 Model 101 Terminator, I have been underbloground for the better part of 6 months. Hiding from some hideous fall and winter fashion (um, who approved the resurrection of the high waisted pleated pant and Claire's Boutique for costume jewelry?) and a self imposed life as a frugalista has served me well, but the newest issue of W has me rising from the ashes.

Nicholas Kirkwood for Radarte Spring 2010 Shoes are violently perfect and should be made the official shoe of the Resistance.
Agent Stiletto is Skynet's newest machine.
Happy Shoe Year soldiers.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chicken or egg?

When one debates their choices for footwear, all the designers, who could pepper the closet with delicious candy, are silently judged. True shoe aficionados will look for copy jobs, for the silent touches that show up in a new color or material but reek of classic timeless pieces.

The highest form of flattery is imitation, yes?

One such judgement presents itself in the cage boot. YSL exploded all over the 'zines with the caged ankle boot worn by the whose who of models. A beauty that I salivate for - really.

A more subtle force is the caged boot by Manolo Blahnik. Not as futuristic, more Upper West than West Village, it proves to be melted butter for the feet. While this gem has not had the air time YSL's diamond has, it is something to mine for.

Now, the question is - which came first? Which is the rip? Could it be that my dear Manolo felt the competitive pinch and decided to imitate?

There is another saying, “Flattery is telling the other person precisely what he thinks about himself."

Choo on this!

Now, as you know Manolo is my main man, but Tamara Mellon and Sir Jimmy Choo have threatened to unseat him this season.

Having seen these gloriously Blade Runner-esk beauties in some fashion rag, I immediately began plotting how to acquire them.

Since I have already promised a kidney to whomever can provide me with the Chanel coat I mentioned in a previous blog, I am now forced to consider marrying rich. Oh darn.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

KLo BStows

You like me; you really, really like me!!

So one of my favorite writers has given me the honor of a "One Lovely Blog" award! KLo of fame has listed me as one of her top 10 blogs of fabulousness.

Wait a minute, Sarah Jessica Parker once called me lovely as well... coincidence? I think not. The fashion mavens are smiling down from the catwalk on me!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My ankles need bow-tox!

What to do when your ankles need a lift? Fret not! I found these little beauties on an English website (bloody hell, everything they have is better). Now one must always be careful when incorporating bows into their collection - it is too easy to come off Emo Hello Kitty or just plain Mariah Carey and no one wants that.

I have ordered the black-n-white version. Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

House of Stizzzz-yllle!

Not since Marc Jacobs brought back the Flashdance heel/toeless nylons have I been this giddy. Why you ask? MTV's House of Style has come back on the air! I was OBSESSED with the infamous Cindy and her coked out banter about eating disorders and the glorious lives of supermodels and the fashion they "had" to wear.

Well, now we get to peek into the world of forced fashion hosted by the one and only Mrs. Leonardo DiCaprio, Bar Rafaeli, herself! Now, I personally think the girl could use a sandwich and a week off, but let's see if she can bring-it Cindy style.

Friday, March 13, 2009


You know your crazy aunt who has an insanely infectious laugh and her whole house decked out in items from LTD and Fingerhut? Well these luggage tags make me think of her.

(For any of my friends who think it would be cute to buy me one of these, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT get cute with me.)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scare-ee Pair-Ree!

There are no words for these poodle-esk stilettos. They walked themselves down the runway at Fashion Week in Paris.

Do you think they have had their rabies shots?

Don't Do It!

So this trainwreck is courtesy of a woman I consider fabulous! I am not sure WTF is going on with Robert Cavalli - too many olives in his martini?

Please DO NOT do this to your pet. It is not good today, tomorrow or ever. They do not want to be dressed, primped, preened, or made to wear something resembling a banana hammock.

I do not know of an animal lover who could do this, unless of course, you are one of the princesses from My-Sweet-Sixteen. In which case, kindly see yourself off my blog. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Undercover Agent Style

If you are like me and the thousands of women who sport oh-so-pretty-but-fake-as-Paris-Hilton's-BFF blonde hair, swimming in chlorinated pools can cause some nasty results.

I don't know about you but green tinted hair does not go with my Spring collection. So to keep from turning from Goldielocks to Moldylocks, try wearing one of these super cutie swimming caps.

Who doesn't want to channel her inner synchronized swimmer?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2009 Chanel Spring Line

All the more reason to be a woman - Chanel! The suits, the black tweed, the lace, the periodic use of mint for a little zing, it makes me want to sing my heart out to Karl Lagerfield.

I have met my soul mate of the season. The ever popular tall dark stranger who you fall in love with while walking down 5th Avenue. A black trench coat made Chanel style. It is a take off on Coco Chanel's timeless suit pieces and I must have it! Now I just need to find out where to sell a kidney....

Flats make me flatline

I do not like flats. I am not morally opposed to them, but I have yet to love them. It may be that I am 5 feet nothing tall and love to be hiked up to where I am can see the populations eyes.

With that being said, there are some sweet little treats out there for flat lovers. I may even try this pink pair. One because the designer has the last name of one of my favorite people in the world and two, because they look cute. So perhaps I shall try them.

But only in the house, at night, with the lights out.

Shoes on the cheap, not shoes that are cheap!

Now, not everyone is comfortable wearing knock-offs. I say, as long as YOU are not the knock-off, work 'em girl!

The little ladies I found today that are dangerously close to Louboutin boots worn by one Ms. Posh Spice, are located here:

Now, do not think for one second that these cuties will last as long as a true Louboutin, but come on, for $21.97, you can wear them once and then who cares what happens to them!

For now, wear them and feel Posh-y!


Why oh why are the shoes I love so always seem to be sold out? I am not a girl who dresses like the trendy Gossip Girl/Sex & the City/90201 wannabes, rather, one who does mouth-to-mouth on the cast away stuff with life still left in it.
So why is it that each time I fall in love with a new beauty, they seem to have been snatched up? Maybe I am ahead of the curve or just wallowing in the dust left behind from other fashion mavens?

Today's almost-had-em jewels are by Bally. A luscious leather and patent spectator oxford with tasseled lace-up detail and pinked edges. Leather upper and lining, rubber sole. Decadent heel height of 3.25.